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March 04, 2009


lorrie @cuteangel79

I would love this game, I would use it with my mom friends I have either at a private party or a get together at the coffee shop


I would love to play the game at a dinner party.

Arlene Feix

I follow you on twitter, and I RT this contest madly59 [email protected] Great contest! WOuld love this game. =)


I became a fan on Facebook!!
My info is ~ http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/profile.php?id=680812007&ref=name


I blogged your giveaway here ...


I'm following on Twitter.
And, I tweeted the giveaway here...


This will be perfect at my next Girls' Night Out!!!! Thanks for the great giveaway.
fmgirl40 at hotmail dot com

Catherine @frugalfreebies

Great giveaway! I gave you a RT on Twitter.

Elwanda M. Carter

I will be using this for my after the removal of the "plumbing system party" weekend. Several of my friends and myself have had the "Big H" removal and sometimes feel in the dumps or have that moment of wanting something to do that takes the focus off what we have gone through. I think this will be a great game to have. e plan to spend the weekend at a resort and have a blast, no cell phones or talking about the job!!!!!!!. Girls just having FUN!!!!


Stumbled :)



It's great for a cocktail party with the girls :)


This is perfect for a girls night in party!

[email protected]

jen g.

I'm about to have Baby #3, so I have plans to spend a weekend with my friends without husband and/or kids responsibilities! I've been looking around for some fun ideas and this would be perfect!


I have linked this contest at http://senalovescandy.blogspot.com/2009/03/gorgeous-sweets.html


I would play this during a bacehlorette party!


Blogged: http://bunnymoney9.blogspot.com/2009/03/sits-links.html


Facebook Fan! ID: bunnyb baxter


Shared the post on my facebook. ID: bunnyb baxter


Dugg. ID: bunnymoney
bunnybx at gmail . com


I follow party411 on twitter and tweeted: http://twitter.com/bunnyb/status/1309452616

bunnybx at gmail . com


I would play this at any night my girlfriends sleep over!
bunnybx at gmail . com


Sounds like fun for my monthly "girl's group"!


I would definitely use this at my bridal shower or bachelorette party. So fun!

jacque curl

I would use it for my birthday party.-april 8. I can just imagine all the fun! thanks [email protected]

kim v

I would use this at my monthly girls night out together.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Kathy D

I would love to have a game night with the girls.....


girls afternoon party

Reva Skie

I think the women would all play this while the men played pool at our next "just because" party.

bob moseley

I would play it with my friends over drinks


i would plan a "big girl" pajama party thanks for the idea and the giveaway

Dawn gartin

I posted on FB - too cool!


Dawn gartin

Didn't even know you were one Facebook - learn something new every day.

I am a fan!


Dawn gartin

What's a Dame to do? Throw a party with her fellow Dames! I'd plan a girls night in, serve margaritas dish about our men and play the game!

Jan G. Fitts

Playing What's a Dame to Do? would be a good cover for getting together for girl's night out. Actually, the true intent would be to gossip, drink exotic martinis, eat delicious fattening foods and complain about our aging baby-boomer bodies while laughing our **** off!
I sure hope I win this game.


first comment! yay!

I would play it with my friends over drinks (we need to relax after a hard week of work)

Thank you for offering this fun giveaway!

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