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December 22, 2008


Party Girl

Thanks for entering! Using the random number generator on random.org, one of our email entries was chosen as the winner; congratulations Quita!

Valerie Raye

With God, All things are possible. I believe God has intervened and is Blessing us via Barack Obama. There are so many things that had to be exactly in place (or out of place) for the country to have elected Barack Obama, a black man, as President of these fantastic United States of America. I am so very proud of Barack as I am very proud of my countrymen and people worldwide. May God Bless Barack and his family as well as my Family, friends, loved ones and OUR country.


What a fun thing to do..on such a historic (on the other hand hysterical) day. You have lots of good ideas for the making of a fun party.Thanks.

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