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August 04, 2008


Alex Boat Hire

On a boat! We recently had our office christmas party cruising Sydney Harbour. There was a huge dance floor, really good food and a Karaoke off! Definitely one of the best work parties I have been to and I would recommend the boat as a great venue for any and all parties.

Theme Wedding Planner

Ah, when I go to a party I always take a taxi, Stacey, I don't think parking spots are such a big issue when partying :P


In any location make sure you consider the parking spot for all your invited guests.

I wrote a whole article on: http://foodpartyplanning.com/party-planning-information

Party on!

Carlene Whiting

How many balloons should I blow up so that everyone could see when they walk in? How many should I do? so that everyone can tell about the whole decreations.

Carlene Whiting

what time should I have all of my friends show up?

Carlene Whiting

What is the best way to have the funnest graduation party?


this didnt help me

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