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July 25, 2008


קיבועי צנרת לרעידות אדמה

The one main concept is the best way to deal with many passions. It keeps the celebration from seeming like a mish mash of thoughts.

Andews Hayes

Yes, every party should have its own theme. A retirement party, for example, usually doesn't have a theme, and that can make the event less fun. It's important for parties to have a theme to make the event more fun.


Who has been to a 60's Theme Party?

Larry A.

This is really great stuff! Hosting a theme party adds that extra touch, letting your guests know that they are special.

Keep up the great writing!

Envelope Printing

Excellent post! It really depends on the celebrant if he/she would prefer to have a theme. Themes are great because it helps tie the whole celebration together, but depending on your interests and choices, it isn't really necessary.


We have tons of theme parties in our neighborhood. They're so much fun to plan and attend. Thanks for your tips!

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